Our Team

Prime Corporation Enterprise Pte Ltd (PCE) is a company that specialises in designing, supplying, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of high performance, reliable and energy-saving industrial refrigeration plants.

Founded in 1983, Prime Corporation Enterprise was started out as PC Industrial Refrigeration Division in Powder Coating Engineering Pte Ltd. With more than 30 years of professional experience in industrial refrigeration, our team of experts decided to consolidate and dedicate our efforts to industrial refrigeration, thus forming Prime Corporation Enterprise.

At PCE, we have a team of experienced refrigeration engineers, hailing from various countries. We are equipped with extensive knowledge and skills in supplying, installing, commissioning and providing technical support services for industrial refrigeration plants.

Our team at PCE specialises in building ammonia industrial refrigeration plants. Most of our plants use ammonia as the refrigerant as it is highly economical, has very good refrigeration properties and is environmentally friendly.


To excel in providing our expertise to increase the shelf life, preserve and/or to improve the quality of our customers’ products, giving them time to convert them into cash at a premium mutual benefit.


We seek to utilise more than 30 years of experience and practical know-how to build high performance, reliable and energy saving industrial refrigeration plants.